Barclays does not visit my college/university – will my application be considered?

Unfortunately, we can't visit every campus. If we haven’t visited your college or university, you will still be considered. All applications we receive are considered against the same criteria, regardless of which university or college you attend.

Can I apply to more than one area within the Barclays Group?

You can only apply to one graduate, full time or internship role across the Barclays group.

Can I apply to more than one region?

You may only apply to one region. However, for some roles you may be given the choice of a second preference of vacancy.

Can I apply to more than one role?

We'd like you to research the opportunities available so you can make the right decision during the application process. You must make a decision before you start your application as to which business area you feel you will be most suited to and make only one application. There are mechanisms in the system that detect multiple applications. If we detect during the application process that you've applied to more than one role, only your first application will remain valid.

Can I get feedback on my application?

We receive a large volume of applications, and because of that we cannot provide detailed feedback at the testing, CV screen or telephone interview stages of the application process. We will, however, provide detailed feedback to candidates who attend our final assessment events. 

Can I reapply should I be unsuccessful?

We accept one application per candidate per year for our full-time and internship programs. If you have previously applied to us during this season and been unsuccessful, you can only reapply once the next recruitment season begins. The new season begins in September 2014 and you must include details of any previous applications when you reapply. You may apply for more than one program if you are applying for our Pre-Internship or Diversity programs. This does not apply to other vacancies across Barclays that are not part of the graduate or internship programs.

Can I reclaim travel costs incurred attending the Super Day?

Yes, providing you are able to produce the appropriate receipts, we will reimburse your travel expenses. Please check the detailed information on our travel expense reimbursement policies, which we will include in your interview invitation, before you book your travel. If in doubt, please check with one of our recruiters.

Can I send my CV/resumé instead of registering online?

No. To make the application process fair and consistent, all applications must be made online via this website. We don't accept any other form of application. Please contact us if you have a visual impairment or disability and need adjustments made in order to complete the application. 

Can I start earlier than the official graduate programme start date?

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no.

Can I start my online application form and then come back to it later?

Yes – there’s flexibility to save your application.

Does it matter if I don’t have a Finance related degree?

Absolutely not. We recruit from all degree disciplines, and we judge each application on its own merit. We focus more on your behavior and attitude, rather than your technical knowledge of finance. Some roles do require a more technical degree discipline – for example Math, Engineering or Computer Science for roles such as Structuring or Technology. You’ll find further information on each of the program pages about these.

Do I need to speak the local language to apply for a role in that country?

Barclays business language is English, so you will need to speak a high level of English no matter which role and region you are applying to. It's not always necessary to speak the local language of the office you are applying to, although for client facing roles (e.g. Sales, Banking, Client Coverage, Wealth and Investment Management), native fluency in the local languages is very important.

Do you offer deferred entry for your programs?

Applications should only be made for the forthcoming full-time or summer intern intakes. Only in exceptional circumstances do we allow the deferral of offers.

Do you offer work experience opportunities?

We run a structured internship program for college students. Outside this program, we may offer a number of pre-internship and diversity programs that last anywhere between one to three days, in our New York Headquarters. You can find all the detail in our events section. We do not offer other ad hoc work experience opportunities.

Do you support study for professional qualifications?

Absolutely. Many of our programs come with the chance to study for a recognized professional qualification, where it's relevant. Please read the individual program pages to find out more.

How can I track the progress of my application?

In order to track the progress of your application, you will need to log back in to the online application system. We will always contact you by email or phone if there's an update on your application, and you will also be able to view updates and correspondence in your candidate account area.

How long does it take to apply online?

Your initial application should take less than 30 minutes to complete. You may find it useful to have an electronic copy of your CV/resumé on hand so you can copy and paste the relevant parts into your application. Please always attach a full version of your CV/resumé (including contact details, education etc.) to your application, even though some of these details may also be on your application form.

How long does the application process take and when will I hear back?

The length of the application process will vary depending on when and to which area you've applied. We aim to reply to you as soon as possible after you have submitted your application but we don't have a set turnaround time. Please bear in mind that we receive a very high volume of applications, so we cannot respond to applications immediately.

How long do the programs last?

Our summer internships are typically 10 weeks long. Our full-time programs vary from 1 - 3 years depending on the program you join. (As you explore the site, you will see that some roles offer rotational programs, whereas others hire directly into a full-time role.) In all cases, when you start with us it’s a permanent role – you won’t have to reapply at the end of the official graduate training program.

How many positions are you recruiting for?

Across all our programmes, we hire several hundred graduates and interns each year. As exact numbers may be subject to change, we  do not  publish an exact number of vacancies.

How much will I be paid as my starting salary?

Rewards and benefits are country-dependent and your recruiter will discuss the package at the point of offer; however, it is a non-negotiable package.

I am in my first year at university – can I apply for the Summer Internship?

You need to be in your penultimate or final year of study to apply for the Internship Program. You can, however, explore our STEMS Program.

I applied previously to Barclays – can I reapply?

We accept one application per candidate per year. If you have previously applied to us, you can only reapply once the next recruitment season begins. The season begins on September 1st each year and you must include details of any previous applications when you reapply.

If I am successful, when will I start?

The majority of our internship opportunities commence in late May/early June. Most full-time programs will begin between July and September 2014; however we also have a February intake in some areas for students who have already finished their studies.

If I'm unsuccessful, will I receive feedback on my application?

Because of the large volume of applications we receive, we cannot provide feedback at the initial stages of the selection process.

I have changed my mind – can I change my application to apply for another position?

If you change your mind about the position you’d like to apply to, email the campus recruitment team at campus.recruiting@barclays.com. If your application is unsuccessful, you will not be able to reapply for another position.

I have made an error on my application, what should I do?

To make it easy for you and us, you can use your username and password to access your data and edit your personal details section. We will only accept one application per candidate and have mechanisms in place to detect multiple and duplicate applications.

I have recently changed my email address. How can I update my details?

You can use your username and password to access your data and edit your application.

I’m not a recent graduate and have some work experience. Can I still apply?

Across the Americas we only accept applications from people who are currently studying. If you have some work experience, please check our main careers site for current vacancies.

I require a work permit for the region I would like to work in – can I still apply?

In order to apply for an internship or pre-internship program, you will need to have the legal right to work in the location to which you are applying, for the dates of the internship. If we offer you a full-time position and you need a work permit, we'll apply on your behalf.  You should be aware that the granting of work permits is beyond the control of Barclays and subject to local immigration laws.

My circumstances have changed. How do I remove myself from the application process?

Please email the campus recruitment team (campus.recruiting@barclays.com) and ask them to withdraw your application.

What if I have a Masters, MBA or PhD?

If you have an MBA, Masters or PhD degree, you are still eligible to apply for the graduate scheme. Your post graduate qualifications will not qualify you for any additional benefits or responsibilities should you be offered a place on the scheme, unless you apply for one of the Associate or Quantitative Associate level vacancies.

What qualifications do I need to apply?

Strong academic performance at school and at college/university is a given, although we don't set standard specific grade criteria across all programs. Once you have selected your preferred role on the application form, we will make it clear if there are any specific eligibility criteria. You should, however, check that you are applying to the right vacancy for your academic background: Associates need to have an MBA or PhD or similar plus a period of significant work experience; and Analysts at least a Bachelors or Masters degree.

What should I do if I have a disability that may affect my performance at any stage of the recruitment process?

Barclays is committed to Equal Opportunity Employment. As part of that, we will make reasonable adjustments to the selection process wherever it's necessary. If you think you have a disability that may impact your performance anywhere in the selection process, please contact us (campus.recruiting@barclays.com)to discuss your personal circumstances. There is also a section on the application form where you can tell us if you need special adjustments at any stage of the recruitment process.

When should I submit my application?

You should apply as soon as you have gathered enough information about the firm and the business to feel that they are selecting the right opportunity.

When’s the closing date for applications?

Deadlines for full-time programs and pre-internship and diversity programs vary so be sure to review respective pages for more details.  

Why doesn’t the role I want to apply for appear on the application form?

Our deadline dates are indicative only. If a role doesn't appear on the application form, then we don't have any positions available in this business area. Additionally, if a vacancy has been filled we will close the application form.

Will I be paid relocation expenses?

If you're successful, we will include details of any relocation allowances in your offer pack.