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Technology Full-time Analyst

Technology Full-time Analyst

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  • Join the team behind some of our industry’s biggest innovations
  • Work with the very latest technology and some of the very best people
  • Watch your boldest ideas transform the way we do business

Let our commitment to innovation become your platform for growth. Our technology team changes the way we work – and often the way that our industry thinks. It’s why we invest so much in the technology that’s right for our business. It’s also why we’ll invest heavily in your development too.


  • New York
    Applications open in August.

What to expect

Expect to innovate. After an intensive five-week induction you’ll go straight into our New York team in one of these key areas:

  • Project management - defining and delivering projects for clients
  • Application development - developing and deploying software for various areas of the business
  • Application management - maintaining and refining our existing systems and functionality

Whichever area you join, you’ll work in a varied and dynamic technical environment across a range of operating systems (including Windows, Unix and Linux) as well as working with C++, Java, C#, VB, VBA, SQL, Perl, Oracle, Linux, Python, Hadoop, scripting languages, grid computing and real-time systems. The challenges you’ll face could include:

  • Enhancing the functionality of systems and applications
  • Analyzing code to find new process improvements
  • Writing scripts for data pulls and analysis
  • Developing user interfaces for applications
  • Working with business areas to understand and meet their needs

How you’ll develop

During your time on our graduate program, our formal and informal training will give you the knowledge you need, when you need it.

First up is our Initial Training Program (ITP) – a cross-divisional classroom training program where you’ll learn financial markets fundamentals, as well as technical and professional skills. By the end, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know about our firm, the markets we operate in, and how your role fits in.

Once you’ve spent a few months in your role, our Continuing Learning curriculum launches, unifying and refining the concepts that you’ve learned during ITP and the practical training you’ve completed with your team.

Our Program Management Team is committed to helping you achieve your goals at Barclays. Throughout the program you will receive career guidance, continuous performance coaching and feedback to keep you on track. Your managers and colleagues will be here to support you too.

When you complete your time as an analyst, you’ll have a number of options open to you, including placement into an exciting role right here at Barclays.

Who thrives here

The variety of work means that we look for skills in everything from programming, developing and systems design to network engineering, database management and project coordination. Ideally, you should have a Computer Science major, but this isn’t essential.

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