Foundation Apprenticeships

Anyone can be a Foundation Apprentice. As long as you’re over 16 and have fewer than two A-Levels, you can be anyone at all. 18 or 85. A parent, a school leaver, ex-military, unemployed. Whoever you are, whatever your life stage, this programme is the chance to move forward and achieve your ambitions. No qualifications necessary. Nationwide, over 1,000 Barclays branches, contact centres and operation centres – and many other business areas – are waiting to welcome you. All we look for is energy, initiative, positivity. In a word, potential. We’ve become experts at identifying it, and we know how to help it grow.

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About our Foundation programme

There’ll be between 12 and 24 months of focused on-the-job development, during which you’ll take on a fulfilling role and study towards a recognised qualification. You’ll learn alongside the people you’ll be working with day-to-day – getting the same professional training as they do. You’ll also benefit from one-to-one training and tuition, and have dedicated mentors (both inside and outside of Barclays) to turn to for advice and guidance.

We’ll support you with your studies, with time set aside at work for you to complete your assignments. Our training is going digital (just like our customers), so we’ve developed a new e-learning platform you can access on the go, for help in your studies. We’ll also sign you up for the Digital Driving Licence - an innovative virtual way to learn new skills to then inspire our customers and colleagues.

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An inside view

You’ve got the facts, but what could your day-to-day really look like with us? Hear it straight from our current apprentices:

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A career that keeps building

You’re not just signing up to some one-off training here. Finishing your apprenticeship is only the start. Whether you go into a full-time role or decide to take on the Advanced Apprenticeship, you’ll build momentum with us. Momentum that could also see you go to the next level and beyond with a Higher Apprenticeship. It all depends on what you want to do, and where you want to go. Here's what Nat did:

Nat's story:

I felt like I didn’t have a purpose before I started working at Barclays. I’d already been my mum’s primary carer since I was 12, then my little brother passed away when I was 15, and I just lost all focus. I was very lost and I’d almost just become a shell of the person I was.But Barclays helped me find my direction again.

I completed my Foundation Apprenticeship first of all, but I knew I didn’t want to stop upskilling myself. I saw how much I’d grown as a person on the Foundation programme, and how the Higher Apprenticeship would help me grow into the woman I knew I could be.

I’m now studying for a BA (Hons) in Business Management and Leadership, and I’ve got a brilliant support network around me. Barclays helped me transition from Foundation to Higher, but they also support me with the other huge part of my life – caring for my mum.

Natalie, Higher Apprentice and former Foundation Apprentice
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Advanced Apprenticeships

Once we’ve got them, we like to hang onto our Apprentices, to keep developing their potential. After finishing the Foundation programme, the majority of our Apprentices embark on the Advanced Apprenticeship, taking their first steps towards becoming a qualified specialist. You can only apply for the Advanced programme after Foundation, but it’s the chance to gain a higher qualification, and nail down what you want to do with us.  


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