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  • Study for industry-recognised qualifications in Risk Management
  • Work on projects that touch every area of our business
  • Learn how to protect both our bank and our customers

It’s rare to find a role with such an obvious impact – especially one that needs no previous experience. Our Risk teams are spread across our whole bank, from Barclays UK to our global business, and from personal to corporate banking. We’re keen analysts, and the work we do means our bank is protected and financially stable. And with our support, you’ll pick up all the skills it takes to do that. We’re open to non-degree qualified candidates in their last year of school or college who have the required UCAS points. If you don’t have the required UCAS points, don’t worry; you can still apply if you have a years work experience. If you have neither you may want to explore our Foundation programme. Internal candidates who meet our criteria are also encouraged to apply. If you already have a degree-level qualification, we recommend you look at our graduate opportunities instead.

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Ellis' view

Learn more about Ellis’ experience as an Apprentice working in Risk, and discover if it could be the right path for you.

I have bi-weekly one-to-one meetings with my manager, just to chat about my personal development and discuss what I’m working on. And when it comes to university assignments, our lecturers are really responsive and available too.

When I was at Sixth Form, my school very much encouraged students to go to top universities. Obviously, when my friends started to celebrate their offers, they asked me if I got in – and they were totally astounded when I explained about Barclays Apprenticeships. I don’t think they could really believe that I was applying for an apprenticeship programme at one of the UK’s top banks, with paid work, professional experience and a degree all wrapped into it.

Right now, I’m working in Group Risk, with responsibilities across three very different teams: People Risk, Group Fraud, and Chief of Staff. I’ve had all kinds of incredible moments within my role – things like helping the People Risk team run workshops with senior leaders, and helping the Fraud team co-ordinate training for the whole organisation.

With so much to do, it means that from day to day, I’m learning all kinds of skills: risk management, scenario analysis, working with stakeholders - and even strengthening my emotional intelligence. Considering I joined Barclays when I had only just turned 18, with no financial services experience – or even office experience – I’ve had so much support. On my first day I was told ‘no question is a stupid question,’ and to this very day, if I have a question I ask it.

For me, this programme offers a truly unique experience. There’s a range of different challenges and responsibilities, senior leadership exposure, and a fast-paced team environment. I’m coming to the end of my Apprenticeship now, but I’m already looking to secure a permanent role here with Barclays’ support – so I know I’ve got an exciting career ahead of me.

Ellis, Higher Apprentice currently working in Risk
Ellis' view image

What to expect

The Risk programme is unique in its reach: you’ll rarely find a department that works with so many other parts of our bank. You might be working with our Retail Banking teams to decide how much money the bank is prepared to offer through a new mortgage product. You might help Barclaycard protect its credit cards against losses and non-payment. Or you might help the Internet Fraud team balance its risks against the need for a smooth customer experience.

So, as you study and work over the three years, you can expect to gain an impressive set of skills, working on a wide range of projects with senior colleagues from all over Barclays. They’ll support your work and help develop your understanding, while you balance your studies. And because you’re gaining this kind of exposure, you’ll open your career to all kinds of possibilities.

Where will I be based

A quick word on location. If you’re looking to join our Risk programme, the nature of the role means you’ll likely have to relocate to London if you don’t already live here. We do have some teams in Northampton, Leeds and Birmingham, so that’s something we can talk about during your application, but it’s worth bearing in mind that most roles will be in our Head Office in London.

How you will develop

We’ll keep track of your progress based on both your studies and how you’re doing in terms of practical experience. Our training will make sure that the experience you gain is as broad and useful as possible – with plenty of opportunities as you go along. Your managers, colleagues and dedicated buddy will do the same. While you’re building your experience, you’ll also study for an industry-recognised qualification from the Institute of Risk Management.

Who thrives here?

Anyone with the right attitude. We’re looking for people with a technical brain. You’ll be a fan of spreadsheets, and you’ll enjoy getting to grips with numbers and data. That said, we’re not looking for experience – as long as sharp analytic thinking is a strength you think you have.

How can you prepare?

Our interviews aren’t about trying to trip you up. The fact is, we want everyone to do well. The more diverse talent we can enable, the better. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth guide to our Higher Apprenticeship application process – so that you can prepare and get ready to succeed with us.

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An inside view

You know the big picture now, but what’s it really like to experience our Higher Apprenticeships? Let some of our current cohort tell you about it: