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Your Learning and Development

Some graduate careers leave you to fend for yourself. Not at Barclays. We offer a full and well-structured Learning and Development programme to help you from the very start, right through to your next big steps. Whatever you need to help you progress, we’ll help you find your momentum.

An overview of the programme

Whatever stage you’re at, and whichever programme you’re on, you’ll be able to take advantage of L&D opportunities with us. You might need help with a particular skill. You might want more networking experience. Or you might want to explore your future career path. From your induction right through to the moment you leave us – and even beyond that – you’ll find options here for you.

Your induction

We want to make your experience everything it can be, and that starts as soon as you join us. On our Initial Training Programme (ITP) you’ll find an introduction to a wide range of skills. With two days of professional skills training, as well as training in technical financial concepts, we’ll start you on the road to success. You’ll also take on citizenship activities, business-specific training, and networking opportunities – all helping you get to know our business. Finally, you’ll attend a range of workshops, including Diversity and Inclusion, Wellness, Risk and Control and Compliance.

Your learning opportunity

Even after your induction, you’ll find plenty of learning opportunities to help maintain your momentum. One of the main ones is our Continued Learning Programme. Through it, you’ll expand your professional understanding of Barclays, and learn the technical and interpersonal skills you’ll need for different teams across the business. You’ll look at the skills you need to take you above and beyond in developing your future potential. And you’ll explore your creativity and how to help us come up with innovative ideas for the future.

Your inspiration

Throughout your time at Barclays, we want you to feel inspired and supported by your managers and senior leaders. That’s why we make sure we have dedicated, talented line managers in every position. You’ll also benefit from a dedicated programme leader, supporting your development at every turn, and you’ll find exposure to senior leaders in the business.

Your career path

Your development is just that – yours. At Barclays, you’ll find space and support to decide where your interests lie, and where you want to go. From professional qualification opportunities to partnerships with other employers, it’s truly up to you to decide what your career path looks like. You’ll do that through our Careers Portal, creating a personalised learning journey.

Your support

Your momentum doesn’t just rely on your initiative and ambition. It relies on the support of the people around you, and you’ll find plenty of that with us. People will always be looking out for you, from your programme manager to your dedicated buddy. You’ll receive regular mentoring with regular and well-planned touch points, and you’ll have technical training on hand whenever you need it. You’ll also find support inside and outside the office through our Diversity and Inclusion commitment.

Your citizenship

At Barclays, we know that we only thrive when our communities thrive. That’s something you’ll help us with – and in turn, it’ll help you build vital skills for your future. Whether it’s through volunteering or through developing an “intrepreneurial” spirit, you’ll be committed to our Citizenship agenda.

Your professional network

The right connections can help you build real momentum, and that’s why our Learning and Development programme offers a range of opportunities to build your network. We have a large network of SMEs, and we also offer a global facilitating network to help you meet talented colleagues from around the world. You’ll also take part in shared training opportunities with other businesses, and if it happens that you take your next steps outside Barclays, you’ll also be able to join our hugely popular alumni network.