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Military reservists

If you’re a member of the University Officer Training Corps, and are planning to become a reservist, we welcome you to explore all of our graduate opportunities. This is because we recognise the commitment it takes to serve, and value the skills and experiences you’ll have gained in your military career so far.

Military reservist opportunities

We appreciate that becoming a military reservist is a significant commitment. We also know that you’ll want to focus on making a strong start to your career outside the armed services. Our support will ensure that you’re comfortably able to balance the two.

Take on one of our graduate opportunities and, on top of your normal holiday allowance, you’ll be entitled to an extra 10 continuous working days’ paid leave per year for reservist training. Should you be mobilised, we’ll continue to pay your salary, and will conduct pay reviews and performance bonuses as normal. If you return to us within six months of demobilisation, your previous role will be waiting for you. If you return longer than six months after demobilisation, we ‘ll do all we can to find a similar role at the same grade.

Put simply, we will make sure you’re free to give your all – whether it’s with us here, or while on military service.


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